Cement blowing cranes at the Port pump cement blowing from ships to tank trucks and silo storage.

Tay Do provides various types of cement blowing machines, including those at ports, that suck and blow cement from barges to tank trucks.

The machine can be permanently installed in a dedicated area for the suction of cement, or can be designed to be mounted on a trailer for convenient travel from one place to another.

Depending on the specific terrain, specific activities of seaports, river ports and the reality of customers' wishes. We will advise to design suitable products.

Cement suction system from ships and barges through a high pressure blowing system transports cement through the transmission system to bring cement to storage, storage vehicles.

Design capacity 5-200 tons / hour, pump distance 50-500m, pump altitude 5-30m.

Remote control by remote.

12 months warranty.

High performance, cheap replacement maintenance.

Backed by a team of engineers with many years of experience, bringing quality, bringing satisfaction to customers.