Welcome to Tay Do Co., Ltd. to manufacture material blower!

We would like to introduce to our customers the system of blowing and blowing cranes of Tay Do company.

The blowing system uses suction of cement, rice, rice husk, soybean meal, fly ash, cashew nut shell, etc., including raw materials, powdered inoculants.

With advanced technology from Europe, along with a design team that has many years of experience, high skills, regular training and training. We ensure that the products we provide meet the best and fully meet the requirements of our customers.

Currently, in parallel with the increasingly rapid development of technology, it requires people to think, explore and develop applications and methods to save production costs, increase labor productivity, and save money. save time, respond fastest to customer needs for service providers. mechanization of production activities helps people to own their time, improve their competitiveness, change the way businesses operate, from using the majority of human power in operations, to using alternative power. . Mechanization brings great benefits to the business, creating a great breakthrough.

Coming to Tay Do, a company specializing in manufacturing and manufacturing raw blower, customers will be satisfied with the quality of our products. Along with the warranty, maintenance, thoughtful, dedicated. Bringing the best value, satisfaction and great benefits to customers is the top priority of our company.

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