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Tay Do would like to introduce to our customers "Screw Systems" designed and installed by Tay Do.

In order to transport raw materials, human progress has been made step by step, with the introduction of mechanization, specialized wire operations from simple manual to automation have strongly promoted miraculous growth in most aspects. In which, the fields of transportation of raw materials, powdered materials, bulk materials such as cement, ash, rice, rice husks, seed husks, plastic beads,…. These are materials that, if not using a closed transport process, with a large capacity, will take a lot of time, effort, costs, and affect health and the environment.

The screw conveyor is a material transporting tool from place to place, with its unique properties, the screw conveyor is widely used to convey heavy industrial materials such as cement, ash, lime, agar. powder, bulk materials, bulk materials, etc.

Loose material is transported in the trough, so it will not be dropped, not be mixed with other materials into the material. Granular materials, when transported by conveyor, ensure the quality is always in good condition, in addition to help avoid pollution, ensure a clean environment during transportation.

Helps to flexibly transport bulk materials according to the mode of transport. This is a remarkable feature compared to other types of conveyor belts and popular conveyors.

The advantages of screw conveyor:

- Effective transportation of wet sticky materials, ensuring that the material will not be dirty, wasted ...

- Can be easily fed and unloaded at any position on the tape.

- The screw conveyor helps to save effectively area due to the small cross-section of the screw. Movable materials in large quantities.

- Transporting materials with relatively high temperature and toxicity, and at the same time non-toxic due to being moved in closed chutes.

- Using less space, with the same productivity, the cross-sectional area of ​​the conveyor screw is much smaller than that of other conveying machines.

- The screw's active part is in a closed chute, so it is possible to limit dust when working with dusty-generating materials.

- Product price is low, high efficiency.

It is important and necessary when choosing a quality screw is to the manufacturer, providing a reputation, many years of operation in the industry and highly appreciated by customers. Tay Do is the first choice for customers, with a team of skilled technicians and advanced technology applications. Tay Do always produces the best quality products, bringing the greatest effect to customers.

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