Welcome to Tay Do Company!

Today, we would like to introduce to our customers the product of the suction blower (pump) of Tay Do company.

Similar to the cement blower and crane systems that we are building, the fly ash blower is researched and manufactured by Tay Do company with a design capacity of 50-200 tons / hour. The product is the crystallization of the creative labor process of a team of engineers and employees with many years of experience in the field of manufacturing blower blower.

Fly ash is a powdered preparation (loose) transported from ships to storage vehicles, storage or vice versa. Because it is non-adhesive, it is convenient for transport by high pressure suction-blow method. Inoculants are transported through a high-pressure suction system, pumped through a conveyor screw to a storage truck or storage through a screw conveyor with a distance of 50-500m and an altitude of up to 30m.

The system is manufactured in Vietnam according to international standards, ensuring safety, remote control by remote, 12-month warranty, cheap replacement and repair costs are the outstanding advantages of public products. our company offers. The system is manufactured and installed on trailers, on barge, or fixed according to customer requirements.

Thanks for the trust of customers with Tay Do company, coming to Tay Do we will advise customers on the best products, the best quality, to ensure the interests of customers. Providing customers with satisfaction is the top priority and goal of Tay Do.

Crane Suction Fly Ashes

Crane system to pump fly ash with a capacity of 50-200 tons / hour

- Pumping distance 50 -500m

- The machine is controlled by remote

- The machine is made in Vietnam

- Warranty 12 months

- Cheap replacement and repair costs

- High economic efficiency