System of pumping pump (blowing) cement is used as a system to transport cement from waterways to roads, ships with a tonnage of hundreds of tons to tank trucks or silo tanks, ...

Design capacity from 50-200 tons / hour according to customers' requirements.

The system is manufactured and exported to many countries such as Laos, Cambodia, Korea, Taiwan, China, India, ...

Tay Do blowing machine meets European standards, ensuring safety as well as product quality delivered and thoughtful user guidance, timely support for customers.

Bring high economic efficiency, save costs with large capacity, low maintenance costs, and warrant 12 months.

The system is installed according to the requirements of customers, convenient in installation, can be installed permanently at the port, or can be moved like placed on barge, trailer, creating convenient conditions for moving systems from one place to another. The blow out head can be attached to tank truck, conveyor, screw conveyor, vacuum blower

Advanced technology solutions to meet the cement transportation needs of customers.

Providing cement transportation solutions with advanced technology, quality and competitive price compared to other cement blower manufacturing companies in the market. Bring the best cement suction products, be confident to be a supplier of quality cement blower that delivers satisfaction.

Crane system to suck cement

- Crane system to suck cement pump with a capacity of 50 - 120 tons / hour
- Pumping distance 50 -500m
- The machine is controlled by remote
- The machine is made in Vietnam
- Warranty 12 months
- Cheap replacement and repair costs
- High economic efficiency