Silo is the place to store the raw materials that need to be preserved. Constructed as a cylindrical tube, conical bottom, 30 to 50 meters high, with a closed cap so that it can be stored tightly, or cold when necessary.

The silicate material is usually metal. Each warehouse can have more than one silo.

Transport equipment includes a system of conveyors, buckets, to transport raw materials from tank trucks, barges, ships, to transport grain from silos to automatic scales, checking scales, and weighing bags when leaving the warehouse. .
The silo warehouse has the advantage of: can store a large volume of products, and many different types of products at the same time, allows mechanization, and automates the import and export, increases uniformity by mixing, and displacing silos, microorganisms, and insects that are difficult to infiltrate. Ensure the temperature and humidity to avoid affecting and damaging the stored products.

The economic efficiency is great due to the reduction of product damage and lower labor costs. Therefore, silo warehouse is currently widely applied in many countries around the world, especially in developed countries.

With the needs of modern industrial production, Tay Do has been developing a silo system with a top reputable brand, in order to bring great benefits to our customers.

The system that Tay Do silos provides will bring satisfaction, with the quality and efficiency of products manufactured by Tay Do.



Silo system contains raw materials: cement, agricultural products, seeds, ... - Capacity: 20-120 tons - 30-50m high - The machine is controlled by remote - The machine is made in Vietnam - Warranty 12 months - Cheap replacement and repair costs - High economic efficiency