The system of hoisting machines for blowing and blowing (pumping) agricultural products is manufactured and installed by Tay Do company according to international standards, with a capacity of 5-20 tons / hour for small machines and 20 tons or more for large size machine. High-pressure pump transmission technology through screw conveyor ensures high efficiency with pumping distance up to 500 meters, up to 30 meters high.

Agricultural products that can be used with the system include: rice, rice husks, soybean meal, cashew nut shells, corn kernels, ... including powdered and granular products.

Products are manufactured in Vietnam and exported to many countries around the world such as Cambodia, Laos, Taiwan, India, ... with a team of skilled technicians, many years of experience. Customers will be advised on which products to best meet the needs of customers in production and operations.

With the motto for the benefit of customers is the goal of Tay Do, we always try to create the best products to serve customers.

Durable quality, low cost of repair, replacement, maintenance and 12 month warranty bring trust from Tay Do company's products. Along with that to save costs, improve operational productivity will bring great benefits to customers.

Come to Tay Do, a company specializing in manufacturing raw blower, you will feel satisfied. Thank you.

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- Agricultural products with a capacity of 50 - 200 tons / hour

- Absorbent materials: corn, soybean meal, wheat ...

- Easy to operate

- The machine runs durable

- High economic efficiency